Request for publication of data

All the data and files in the Open Data portal are provided by Saudi government agencies. They are regularly updated so that details of sectors in charge of development become available to users searching for information. Any government sector can easily get access by a username and password.

A government agency can request creation of an account by taking the following steps:
• Send a request to Yesser at the following address: asking for an account in the Open Data portal
• Provide details of the account administrator e.g. name, official e-mail, mobile number, name of the agency.
Yesser will process the request within one day and send login details i.e. username and password together with guidelines on how to add the details.
In case of forgetting the password or username, the following steps shall be taken:
• Communicate with us through (Contact us) page. Select (Account Issue) option

Criteria of Open Data:
• Should be in an open format (Read data quality instructions)
• Files in the following formats can be added: csv xls xlsx doc docx rdf txt odf ods odt tsv geojson xml zip